Consultant to Solicitors as an expert witness in matters of computer litigation.

Baker & McKenzieDrake Personnel Ltd. v Thompson & Ors
Coady DwyerStatistical Information Pty. Ltd.
CorrsDistinct Software Pty. Ltd.
Deacons Graham & JamesNorlin Dental
Fernon & LudescherHoneywell
Herbert Geer & RundleIn-Site Advertising v Micro Knox
Herbert Geer & RundlePS2000 Pty. Ltd. v Teska & Carson
Kahn & ClahrEurovox United Pty. Ltd.
Kahn & ClahrCalder Park Raceway
Middletons Moore & BevinsFuchs Australia Pty. Limited v SSA Pacific
Middletons Moore & BevinsThe Australian v Premier and Cabinet
Molomby & MolombyFuchs Australia Pty. Limited v SSA Pacific
Norton Smith & Co.Southern Farmers v. Gadsden
Novatsis & AlexanderSimonovski v Bendigo Bank
O'Brien, J. D.State Insurance Office
Parkland Rhodes LawyersHub Properties v Namba
Remmington & Co.Apple Computers
Robert Richter & AssociatesNorlin Dental
Robert Richter & AssociatesAmalgadent v Marsh Hill
Robert Richter & AssociatesShearform Industries v ManuSoft
Ronald TaitDr. White v Medical Frontiers
Sali & McLindinWestsub Discounts v Idaps
Sali & McLindinMarianna Hardwick
Slater & GordonCarrigg ats. CFA
Wantrup & AssociatesArrow Research
Waters & HessionWholesale Pets v Intellitec

Counsel with whom Dr. Whitehouse has worked include Mr. Peter O'Callaghan Q.C., Mr. Greg Garde Q.C., Mr. Ross Macaw Q.C., Mr. David Shavin Q.C., Mr. Damian Austin, Mr. Michael Gronow, Mr. James Isles, Mr. Trevor Rosen.

Consultant to Australian Commercial Disputes Centre Limited in an Expert Determination between Orica Australia Pty. Ltd. and Atos Origin Pty. Ltd.

Consultant to The Supreme Court of Victoria as a special referee to the Court in the determination of technical questions in a dispute between Smith & Nephew and Pansophic Systems.

Dr. Whitehouse is a qualified Mediator with the Institute of Arbitrators & Mediators Australia, specialising in computer related matters.